This was the second time I used your service and was again tremendously impressed with the wonderful way the staff assisted me. Thank you. I will be using you again and again.

- Cheryl Day

I was particularly impressed by the connection speed, reliability, and low latency. I was able to connect whenever I needed to, and at speeds comparable to the DSL lines I'm used to. My work uses little bandwidth, but is very sensitive to latency, and I had very few problems using the card. My Linux netbook recognized it and used it automatically, with no configuration on my part.

- Josh Tolley

I rent a broadband card from you every 6 months to use on my computer while away from my business office. I stay in touch and non of my clients realize I'm out of state. Your company has consistently provided excellent and on time service. I love your company.

- Rae Hall

Everything was easy. The equipment worked great. I will definitely use again. THANKS!

- Dennis Oliver